Saturday, September 2, 2017

T shirts are Back, plus, New Merchandise!

Thanks to popular demand, we've reintroduced our popular line of T-shirts! As you may remember we used to offer Tees with some of the most dramatic illustrations from some of the most important fencing manuals. Our old printshop went out of business a few years ago, and we never reintroduced the shirts. Until now!

Currently, we have tees in white, black and navy blue, but we'll be introducing about 30 more colors soon. An we've also added coffee mugs! So if you can't wait until your fencing practice to start thinking about swordsmanship, you can fire up your imagination first thing in the morning. Plus it's a fun to bring it to work and wait for someone to ask about it and then, oh, so casually, mention that you happen to be an historical swordsman.

We'll be adding new designs and products from time to time, so if there's something you wish you were seeing in our store, but it's not there, like hats or hoodies or ..anything, send me an email and i'll see if we can't add it to the line.

Oh, one more thing.. You've probably seen our website, and maybe wondered if these guys are really still in business (dammit, Jim, I'm a fencer, not a web designer!). Yes we are, and we're going to be revamping the site soon. In the mean time, it still works, but we're also exploring the platform, and we've created a CavalierAttitude store there. You can order fencing bags and all the other merchandise all in one place.

Check it out now:

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