Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's In The Bag Today?

Here are some new views of what you can carry in your Cavalier Attitude Rapier Bag.

Here's a view of the bag with two modern foils for scale, one's French and one's a Belgian. Both have 35 inch blades. The bag behind it is full of all the equipment you see below, and is slouching somewhat.

And here's what's inside this bag today:
Those two foils
An Epee
A Saber
A Rapier with a 42" Del Tin blade
A 2-handed waster
A Del Tin Viking sword
Three 3-weapon masks

Note the zipper goes almost the entire length of the bag and features two zipper-pulls, so you can close it up or down.
     ...and there's still room for at least one more mask, and a full uniform and sundries...

And that soggy fencing jacket is in the exterior, water-resistant, outer pocket. That'll keep the moisture from rusting your blades and the rust from staining your nice white jacket. Also a great place to stash your t-shirts of fencing shoes to keep them separated from the rest of your equipment. And the upper pocket is great for tools, gloves and first aid equipment.

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