Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Customers...

Not only are our customers fearsome, strong and goodlooking, they're talented, too. Just take a look at this lyrical letter we got from Kate, in Australia:

I stand, with a cavalier attitude, within a ring of fellow renaissance fencers.
Slung across my shoulder, leaving me completely hands-free, my bag carries my rapier, my sword, my two-hander, my dagger, and my buckler.
They drag bags that are too big, cradle bags that are too small, juggle individually bagged swords.
“Is it a snowboarding bag? A golf bag? A rifle bag?” they ask in confusion, knowing all too personally the faults of these bags they list.
“No,” I answer them. “You’ll never guess.”
“Is it for a musical instrument? A travelling salesman?” they offer wildly.
“No, it is for…. rapiers!"
Collectively they sigh in rapture and disbelief.
“There is no such thing!” ventures a brave soul. (Doubt my word? With my rapier just a zip away, and his tangled like a Gordian knot in his silly eastern sword bag that doesn’t believe in quillions?)
“It’s new, it’s from America ,” I tell them.
“Ahhh,” they sigh, “Too expensive then.”
I tell them the price.
I tell them the website.
They are lost for words.

Thank you,

Thank you, Kate!