Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Website is up!

After promising for WAAAY too long, we finally got the durned thing up'n running. It's not quite finished yet, but it fits the bill better than the old one. In addition to the Rapier bag, and some info about our little company, We've got a line of cool fencing-related t-shirts, with more on the way, and we'll be offering a great little book of exercises for rapier fencers (and other martial artists, too!), and we ought to have some more products coming soon (but I won't say anything more about that right now).

Now, those of us who have done business with us in the past through our old site knew that there was a glitch in the site that prevented it from calculating shipping cost. To light a fire under us to replace it with a new site, we decided to let it slide and fix it on the new site. Guess what? The new site still has the glitch! It's seems to be a Paypal thing. So the unintentional "tech issue" discount--free shipping==is still in effect, until we work it out. can't say how long that will be, but not long.