Monday, January 17, 2011

Blackbeard's Sword!!

Blackbeard set the mold for everything we think of when we think of a pirate. Heavily armed, wily, hairy... A crazed biker of the sea who never lost...

Here's some fascinating new discoveries....Like his sword!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thinking with your feet! The importance of knowing the right distance

Trench warfare –or– don’t use your head, use your feet!

One of the hallmarks of fencing, regardless of style, is footwork.* In fact, it’s apocryphal that fencing spawned ballet. Nearly every historical treatise describes it’s own very particular footwork patterns or techniques... St. Didier, Agrippa, Thibaust, DiGrassi, Viggiani... you name it. And certainly, modern competitive fencers are drilled in footwork, lunges, and distance until they do it in their sleep.

So it’s a peculiar thing that many fencers neglect this area of their training. It seems endemic in nearly every gym except the most competitive: fencers love the blade-work, but seem loathe to do the footwork.

This 4-page, downloadable report discusses the importance of proper footwork--why it is vital to your ability to defend yourself, possibly even more than the parry.

It explores how distance effects the effectiveness of your parries and your timing, and most important, offers practical solutions solutions and exercises.

read it, try it out, and share you opinions and experiences!

Use the link below to get the report!

Trench Warfare -or- Think with Your Feet, Not Your Head!