Friday, April 16, 2010

Some news

Hi folks!
First off, I have to issue a huge apology for people who signed up to the mailing list and then didn't get the promised Reaction Speed Report. Seems some people got it and some didn't. If you didn't, we didn't forget you, and you don't have to do anything--we'll be getting it out shortly. (If you can't wait, email us and we'll send it).

We're going to be posting more regularly to this blog--articles with meaningful content. If there's a particular topic that interests you, let us know and we'll try to cover it. And don't be shy about responding to anything we've written, even if you think it's full of hooey. We're always interested in feedback.

If you haven't seen our cool, classic t-shirts, have a look! We'll be adding some new designs in the coming weeks, too!

Visitors to the website may have seen the unfinished link to a special arm-exercise book for historical fencers. Sadly, I've had to put the update in the back burner for the last few months. That product, when it will be finished, is an update of an older ebook that I wrote a few years ago. The exercises in that book gave great results to people who used it. On the bright side, we're probably going to give away the original one as soon as we can deacrchive & re upload it.

More, soon!